Ana's picture gallery

Outside Chalmers, May 93
Michmeet 93
A few Michmeet 94 pics
New years 95/96 in Michigan
Zaloonen June 96
Liseberg June 96
My old place, June 96
Michmeet 96
Easter in Gothenburg 97
Party at Pol's place, August 97
Party at my place, November 97
Stenungsund 98
Some of Malkavian's Euromeet 98 pics
New years 98/99 party at my place
Kompaniet, January 1999
PixxiMeet in Gbg '99
Aurora's pix from MichMeet '99
Miscellaneous pictures of me

Feel very free to mail me with info on the pics I can't tell all the names, or where I got some names wrong, or just comments in general. Right now none of the photographers/donors of pics are credited, sometime soon they will be. Most of the pics I didn't shoot myself, and for some of the events, I wasn't even there.