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Here I have tried to share some small things I've made and point people to other useful resources. I won't go into what the game is about or anything like that since there are links with excellent resources on that at the bottom of the page. In an attempt to be slightly less culturally biased (and to make possible search engines index correctly) I can only mention that the game is called Wei-Qi or Weichi in Chinese, Baduk in Korean and Igo in Japanese.

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Go-diskussionsforum är nog inte det bästa forum att hålla diskussioner rörande go i Sverige. Alla talar svenska!

There's too litte Go-wear out there. An attempt to create some more.

Since the recruitment of new players in Gothenburg (and maybe Sweden in general) hasn't been very successful, or active, I thought that a poster of some sort maybe would attract some people. It's made in such a manner that any Swedish go-club should be able to use it by pasting in or writing localized information at the bottom. We have plenty of them so if your club would like to have some, just mail me. They are quite cheap, 100 posters for 70 SEK. Unfortunately, they turned out a bit more yellow than shown here.
Picture of a poster Go poster, medium, 114 kb
Go poster, large, 236 kb
Go poster, very large, 427 kb

Game sheets
I couldn't find any nice sheets for writing down my games on so I made some myself. The little text there is is in Swedish. If you think you'd find them useful and aren't terribly fond of Swedish, I guess I could fix an English version as well. Go here for a preview.
9 x 9 sheets In PDF-format, 23 kb EPS, requiring Adobe Myriad, 77 kb EPS, plain Helvetica, 77 kb
13 x 13 sheets In PDF-format, 21 kb EPS, requiring Adobe Myriad, 74 kb EPS, plain Helvetica, 74 kb
19 x 19 sheets In PDF-format, 37 kb EPS, requiring Adobe Myriad, 123 kb EPS, plain Helvetica, 123 kb

Go books
When I started playing I thought I was lucky since I had found a store that sold books on go as well as go equipment. I felt quite dumb when I went to the US and got the same stuff for about one third of the price I used to pay. In Sweden there is one very good distributor. Staffan Bäcklund's "Go Public" can be found here.

Board textures
The default pixmap used in WinMGT wasn't terribly exciting, I thought. Here are some alternatives in various colour/lightness settings and various degrees of "gnarliness".
Large jpeg, 61 kb Tiling jpeg, 200x200, 10 kb Slightly gnarly jpeg, 36 kb
Large bmp, 343 kb Tiling bmp, 200x200, 50 kb Gnarly jpeg, 36 kb
Large jpeg, 55 kb Tiling jpeg, 200x200, 9 kb Slightly gnarly jpeg, 32 kb
Large bmp, 314 kb Tiling bmp, 200x200, 45 kb Gnarly jpeg, 32 kb
Large jpeg, 68 kb Tiling jpeg, 200x200, 11 kb Slightly gnarly jpeg, 41 kb
Large bmp, 398 kb Tiling bmp, 200x200, 55 kb Gnarly jpeg, 42 kb
Large jpeg, 58 kb Tiling jpeg, 200x200, 8 kb Slightly gnarly jpeg, 34 kb
Large bmp, 329 kb Tiling bmp, 200x200, 46 kb Gnarly jpeg, 35 kb

Useful links
P-A Lunds japansk-svensk-engelska GO-ordlista Helt superbt försök att översätta och förklara japansk Go-terminologi.
Stockholms Goklubb The Stockholm Go Club, of which I'm a member.
Svenska Goförbundet The Swedish Go Association.
Göteborgs Go-klubb Information about the Gothenburg Go Club.
Swedish Go-terminology An attempt to create useful Swedish terminology for some of the more commonly used Japanese and English words related to go.
The Interactive Way To Go Hiroki Mori's wonderful introduction with very good interactive go problems.
John Bate's Go-page Very good introduction to the game, Macintosh client and more.
Ken's Go-page Ken Warkentyne's collection of go-resources on the net.
The IGS archive Clients, articles, rules. The largest archive of useful stuff for the netwise go-player.
IGS The largest go-server on the net.
NNGS Another go-server on the net. Different rating system and a very cozy athmosphere. In general there are not as many strong players as on IGS. (Ideal for the new player, maybe. :-)
David Carlton's Go Bibliography An excellent review of most, if not all, books written in English on go.
AGA's Books in English Another review of many English go books.

Yours truly.

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