Pelle Evensen's fractals


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Golden-1-L InTheWoods-L InfernoBrot-L MandelCircles-L
Golden-1-L.jpg InTheWoods-L.jpg InfernoBrot-L.jpg MandelCircles-L.jpg
ManySwirls-L Monokrom-1-L NarrowPath-L Nationalism-L
ManySwirls-L.jpg Monokrom-1-L.jpg NarrowPath-L.jpg Nationalism-L.jpg
NoisyEyes-1-L Prodding-1-L Prodding-2-L PurpleBrownian-L
NoisyEyes-1-L.jpg Prodding-1-L.jpg Prodding-2-L.jpg PurpleBrownian-L.jpg
SandyStairs-L Serpent-L SpiralEyes-L StalkyVortex-1-L
SandyStairs-L.jpg Serpent-L.jpg SpiralEyes-L.jpg StalkyVortex-1-L.jpg
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